Sara Romano, born in Palermo in 1985, began her career as a singer and musician in 2006 dealing with popular music, a passion that she has always nurtured since childhood, and Mediterranean folk. In 2009 she decided to release her songs, creating the DUIN project, a band of 5 elements that has yielded artistic prizes and satisfaction. Throughout her career, she performed in Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, and other places in the EU. In 2012 she left for the United States where she was hosted on the Green Festival radio program of Asheville, N. Carolina, and she faced a solo tour in Atlanta, Georgia, and Asheville (NC.), where she experimented with new acoustic arrangements.

Over the years she collaborated with various artists and did a lot of recordings.

In 2013 the singer started a solo project and in December of the same year launched her first EP, La parte migliore, in collaboration for the arrangements with Andrea Le Moli.

In November 2014 she won the Velvet Music Prize by participating in the Tour Music Fest with the song “La ballata delle parole complesse”. On June 12, 2016, she performed in Pantelleria media library accompanying the writer Erri De Luca during the meeting with the author.

The first album Ciricò was released in September 2016 under the artistic production of Marco Corrao with the label Maremmano Records and IRD Distribution. In the same year, she won the Ciampi Award for best unpublished national song. In 2017, the Ciricò Tour took her to perform throughout Italy and open concerts of international artists like Bocephus King, Kelly Sloan, and Skye Wallace. In 2018 she continues to carry on her music in Italy, and in April she performed as guitarist with Alex Valle, guitarist of Francesco De Gregori, in the Nebros Tour of Marco Corrao. In May 2018 she went on tour with Kelly Sloan as solo guitarist and back vocalist.

In November 2018, she releases her second album Saudagoria, under the artistic direction of Marco Corrao and Michele Gazich (Bisanzio Records and IRD Distribution).

In February 2020 she participates in the Attico Monina on the occasion of the 70th Sanremo Festival with the Festivalino di Anatomia group and, in that same week the second single from the album, Cause, was released, directed by Costanza La Bruna.

During the quarantine of 2020, she contributes to the creation of the female artistic collective Unisona Collettiva, carrying out musical productions with 8 other songwriters. In June, for Maremmano Records for IRD Distribution in co-production with Agnese Valle and Irene Ghiotto she releases Safe Place, a video directed by Costanza La Bruna.

At the same time, she created with others four singer songwriters a political movement, UNICA, and continues to collaborate within the Coordination of Musician Associations for the tax and social security reform of the entertainment sector and carries out campaigns and initiatives that lead to a monitoring of female work in music and gender studies.

On August 4, 2020, she performed at the Roseto d’Autore, and in the same year, she was among the finalists of the 17th edition of the Bianca d’Aponte Award.

During this summer she performed in a new project called La musica che gira in camper with Agnese Valle and Nathalie all over Italy in prestigious festivals (facebook.com/lamusicachegiraincamper/).

In 2022 she participated in the Quarantine Dream Tour of Andrea Ramolo, performing in Italy, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

At the present time, she is working on her third album.


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Cover photo by Raffaele Pullara